Hi, I’m Andy Long, a bass player, God-botherer and railwayman from South Wales.  

Over on my Bandcamp page you can find and download recordings that I have made with the Tim Crahart Blues Band, some solo bass material and some archive material from a band I was in during the last century, 3rd Day Rising.


You can also find the albums on iTunes, Amazon and lots of other online stores. Hit any of the links below.
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 I suffer from hereditary angioedema, a strange and rare condition, but more of that to come elsewhere…

I sometimes use the blog section of this site to post random stuff about music and gigs, or days out with the missus, or spiritual ramblings.  Feel free to follow along and drop in comments wherever you like.

I’m a Christian with a fairly liberal standpoint. I enjoy reading progressive Christian theology and I’m more than happy to take part in religious debate here or somewhere else as long as you understand that I don’t have all the answers and I don’t pretend to.



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