Sunday morning (20th November) my nephew got to preach. Ed is a student at the Baptist college in Bristol, now in his second year. Very often, in my mind, he is still six years old and his life is still revolving around his next Transformers toy.  (To be fair he’s still into transformers, even though he’s 22).  I’m often a bit nervous when he gets up to preach, I am never quite sure whether he’s going to have something good or not!  Yesterday I need not have worried.

Our church pastor has been talking about the Sermon On The Mount for the last few Sundays, so Ed decided to give us his take on the Beatitudes. He started off by talking about our understanding of the beatitudes for the point of view of the consumerism-based society we live in – i.e. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom Of Heaven’ could be interpreted as ‘I want the Kingdom Of Heaven, therefore the price to get that is that I have to become poor in spirit’.

he went on to explain how the crowd that Jesus was preaching to was made up of  Jews and gentiles from all walks of life, and Jesus did not start with a disclaimer, the message was not for a certain group of people, it was, and still is, for everyone.

If you’ve got sixteen minutes to spare, I recommend listening to Ed, you can find the MP3 at, from there you can stream it or download it and listen at your leisure.