Why does the science versus religion debate exist anyway?  For me I find that science informs my faith and helps me to better understand the world the God has placed us in. I’m not a scientist myself, I don’t have a particularly high level of formal education, but I enjoy scientific discussion and seminars.

In recent years Dawkins and Hawking have made extensive efforts to write God out of cosmology. I don’t have any problem with atheists, I respect their position and ask them to respect mine. My problem with Dawkins especially is his aggressive standpoint and his insistence that their are only two possible standpoints, i.e. his own or the wrong one.  He loves to tell us that ‘only a fool’ would believe in God.

Well, there are multitudes of scientists in all fields working today who have a Christian faith, there are many more who are muslims and many more again who are theists, a hell of a lot of fools according to Richard!  Point of fact there are multitudes of atheist scientists who disagree with Dawkins on some major points, yet more fools again I guess.

I’ll come clean here and admit that I’ve never read one of Dawkins’ books, although I’ve heard several of his talks.  Richard Dawkins once said that he refused to read any books on theology as they were all rubbish (my paraphrase), I reserve the right to hold the same attitude towards his books.

I’ve enjoyed listening to and reading several seminars/books that have debated Dawkins and I would recommend John Lennox, Keith Ward or Alister McGrath.  I recently found the Christians In Science website which has a library of downloadable MP3 files on a variety of topics, some great stuff to listen to there. (be warned – the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired in many cases).

One of my favourite talks on that site was Alister McGrath’s ‘Has Science Eliminated God‘. you can download the MP3, PowerPoint and notes here.

I’m just about to start McGrath’s book, ‘Why God Won’t Go Away‘. I’ll try to post some thoughts on that another time.