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January 2012

More podcast goodness for the album

The opening track from my ‘Patches Of Coloured Light‘ album has just been included in a podcast by the excellent Mr Pete Cogle.

Ymddiheuro Am Yr Oedi‘ is the track in question, an appalling Welsh language pun.  Any railway workers out there will certainly have heard this phrase whilst going about their daily duties, but I’ll leave you to find the translation yourself. ;0)

To access the podcast scroll down the page until you reach PCP#384, subtitled ‘Say No To Mr Smith’.

Pete’s podcast brings together some excellent independent music from around the world and this episode includes Memoryhouse from Ontario, Cinema Red And blue, from New York, UHT from Paris and many others, well with a listen.

You can catch up with Pete on Twitter or Facebook too.

I’m grateful to Pete for the inclusion in the podcast. Independent artists should certainly get in touch.



My favourite album comments so far.

In the absence of any ‘real’ album reviews for ‘Patches Of Coloured Light’, here is a selection of some of my favourite comments so far:

‘This is reasonably adequate’ – Peter Banks

‘I think I’m in an episode of Starsky & Hutch’- Ed Hodge

‘I almost fell asleep driving home’ – TWO! work colleagues!

‘Mummy, don’t play the music’ – Alexander Martell.




Little bit of album news

When I launched my solo bass album at the end of last year, I stated that 50% of download sales and £1.00 from each CD would go to Cancer Research UK. Part of the reason behind that was that the track, Song For Lucy, was written in memory of our dear friend Lucy Edwards who sadly passed away through cancer last summer, and part of the reason was that it’s just a great charity to support anyway. Like most of you, I’ve lost family members and friends to cancer over the years and it’s important that research continues and the options for treatment and medication continue to improve.

Today I was able to send off the first cheque from album sales to the charity. Whilst it’s not exactly a world-shattering amount, I’m happy to be able to send something off and I’m grateful to those of you who have contributed to this minor cottage industry of mine.

I will soon be sending some more as there is already another batch of sales building up.

If you have already bought the album, thanks very much.  If you downloaded it for free please consider making a donation directly to Cancer Research UK.

If you haven’t got the album yet, now’s your chance.  Go to and follow your nose.



What’s that album cover all about?

The stunning artwork for the cover of my album ‘Patches Of Coloured Light‘ was painted by my good friend Sarah Martell.

Here is a link to her website in which she details the maths behind the design. If you want to know what phyllotaxis spirals re, this is your chance to find out.


More about that podcast play at ERK FM

The Autralian podcast show that I mentioned earlier this week is now available for download at iTunes or direct from the site at the link below. Scroll down the page and you will find the show which is titled ‘Jesus Likes Butterflies And Female Fronted Rock’

The show features an eclectic mix of music from around the world including great rock tunes from UK’s Argonaut and What Would Jesus Drive, rap from K Solo and other great artists from the USA and Russia.

My track ‘Song For Lucy‘ is included, so I encourage you to listen to the podcast and send Erk some positive feedback



Podcast play at ERK Radio

One of the tracks from my new solo album, ‘Patches Of Coloured Light‘ will be featured in a fantastic international Podcast on Wednesday 18th Jan (yes, that’s tomorrow!).

Erk FM is a series of podcasts produced for weekly release and is available on Monday (Erk FM: Metal Monday), Wednesday (Erk FM: International, this show) & Friday (Erk FM: Australia) of each week. Erk FM: Extra (featuring interviews, live recordings & more) are released on Tuesdays as required.

Each episode runs between 60 – 90 minutes (approx)

The presenter, Erk, is a fellow railwayman working in the Sydney metro area of Australia, currently a train driver, a job which  have now swapped in favour of driving a desk.

His themed podcasts have been running since 2009 and the Wednesday slot is always an international selection.

The featured track will be ‘Song For Lucy‘, the piece I wrote for my great friend Lucy Edwards who we lost to cancer last year.

It was this track and the thinking behind it that led me to donate part of the proceeds from the album sales to Cancer Research UK.

I’ll post a link to the episode once it’s online.







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