When I launched my solo bass album at the end of last year, I stated that 50% of download sales and £1.00 from each CD would go to Cancer Research UK. Part of the reason behind that was that the track, Song For Lucy, was written in memory of our dear friend Lucy Edwards who sadly passed away through cancer last summer, and part of the reason was that it’s just a great charity to support anyway. Like most of you, I’ve lost family members and friends to cancer over the years and it’s important that research continues and the options for treatment and medication continue to improve.

Today I was able to send off the first cheque from album sales to the charity. Whilst it’s not exactly a world-shattering amount, I’m happy to be able to send something off and I’m grateful to those of you who have contributed to this minor cottage industry of mine.

I will soon be sending some more as there is already another batch of sales building up.

If you have already bought the album, thanks very much.  If you downloaded it for free please consider making a donation directly to Cancer Research UK.

If you haven’t got the album yet, now’s your chance.  Go to andylong.bandcamp.com and follow your nose.