The opening track from my ‘Patches Of Coloured Light‘ album has just been included in a podcast by the excellent Mr Pete Cogle.

Ymddiheuro Am Yr Oedi‘ is the track in question, an appalling Welsh language pun.  Any railway workers out there will certainly have heard this phrase whilst going about their daily duties, but I’ll leave you to find the translation yourself. ;0)

To access the podcast scroll down the page until you reach PCP#384, subtitled ‘Say No To Mr Smith’.

Pete’s podcast brings together some excellent independent music from around the world and this episode includes Memoryhouse from Ontario, Cinema Red And blue, from New York, UHT from Paris and many others, well with a listen.

You can catch up with Pete on Twitter or Facebook too.

I’m grateful to Pete for the inclusion in the podcast. Independent artists should certainly get in touch.