So it was a gorgeous sunny day, I’d booked a day off work for a gig with the band, the gig was cancelled.  Time for another National Trust day out with Mrs L.

Today we visited Dyrham Park, a historic estate built on a deer park, just off junction 18 off the M4 on the approach to Bath.

The house as it stands today is something of an evolution, having started out as a Tudor manor, being extensively added to in the 17th century and again developed in Victorian times.  The National Trust acquired the property in the ’50’s and the site is now dedicated to those who fell during the Second World War.

Back in the 17th Century the formal gardens were vast and there are detailed maps and drawings of the way they used to be on display around the house, today these gardens are nothing like as extensive as they used to be, but they do provide a beautiful walk on a summer’s day, through a wild woodland garden area and into a more formal garden with a beautiful pond.

You can walk up to St Peter’s church, just outside the grounds of the estate and you can take a guided tour of the house or just amble around at your leisure.

The deer park is a huge plot and at this time of the year the new fawns are just coming into their own and the young males are regrowing their antlers.  We were lucky enough to see quite a large group of deer but they don’t like it when people get too close to them and they al tend to have it away on their toes a bit rapid, centuries of being shot at has probably left them a little wary.

Here’s a few pics from the day, one of these days I’m going to get myself a decent camera, meanwhile I hope you enjoy these.