I’ve got a few amps sitting around my house, but the one I use most of the time is an Ashdown ABM400 combo.  I bought it last year from ebay, it’s got a few miles on the clock but it sounds fantastic.  Problem is it weighs as much as a baby hippopotamus and I am getting too long in the tooth to hump this beast up three flights of stairs to the function room.

Looks not dissimilar to this one.  Recently I’ve been thinking that what I could really do with is one lightweight all-rounder, an amp that is easily portable, but has enough power and presence to stand up in the band setting.

I don’t play at huge volumes so there is potential for a smaller rig that would fit every situation. I could sell the four amps that I’m currently sitting on, although none of them are worth much money but this would go some way to financing a new set-up.

Have been browsing online and talking to a few shops and these are some of the models I’m currently looking at.  There’s no rush to make a decision, I want to get it right first time.

Any opinions on these amps welcome, or any recommendations for others to check out.

TC amp

TC Electronic BH500 with a 2*12 and a 2*10.  A great looking set-up at a fantastic price, the cabs are light-ish, but maybe not lightweight enough, however for most gigs one cab would suffice.


Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line with 2*10 cab. This is probably looking favourite at the moment. A lighter weight cab and I know the Markbass stuff sounds great.


Phil Jones Bass BG150 with some sort of extension cab. Ultra lightweight, sounds great but probably too expensive.


Eden EGRW1264 bass amp bundle: WTX264 head AND EX112 cab. Probably need an additional 1*12 but this looking like a great set-up too.



Gallien-Krueger MB210 – looks good but not sure if I want another combo.

Any thoughts?