Spent the afternoon in a basement bar in Swansea, a bass player gathering called Deep Discussions, organised by a new friend, Peter Cullen.  It was well attended, I guess about twenty five bass players and the official bass count was 39.  A simple idea, come along, bring your gear, drool over everybody else’s gear, try some amps and stuff and watch Alun Vaughan doing his thing. Here’s a few pics


My two Status basses, sitting alongside Rhys Anslow’s Warwick (which is for sale BTW). Someone else’s five string something or other.


A gorgeous Shuker six string and a really nice Alembic four string included in this pic.


The Orange Wall, supplied by Cranes Music. I tried out the 500w Terror amp with the little cabs, sounded great – but that’s not my new rig…


A selection of Eden amps, cabs and combos. The 1 *12 cab in the middle was what I was interested in, so two of these will be coming to live with me shortly, paired with a Markbass head.


Alun Vaughan tries out the Warwick Vampire. A truly evil combination.


Alun with an Ibanez Soundgear.


The afternoon was closed by Alun playing a short set with his drummer chum, and fielding a few questions.  A most enjoyable event, I hope we can do it again soon.