So, further to my recent blog post about searching for a new, lightweight bass rig. I’ve now pretty much made the decision as to what that’s going to consist of.  Hence I’ve got three amps for sale.  These amps need to go, buyers should be able to collect, but I don’t mind delivering them myself if it’s not too far from Newport, South Wales.  All the prices quoted here are up for negotiation.

Get in touch via facebook or twitter or e-mail me at (go to the contacts page on this site).

Various sizes, let’s start with the smallest.


Fender 25B. This is a 25 watt practice amp with a fantastic sound. I’ve even been able to use it for small gigs or worship group sessions. Vinyl covering with a carry handle. £50













Gallien-Krueger Backline 112. 100 watt kickback combo. Two channel input with some kind of built-in distortion function. Nice sound, I’ve used this for some gigs and theatre shows where space is tight.  The carpet covering on top of the amp is slightly frayed, but not too bad (thanks cats!) £100


Ashdown ABM 400. This has been my main gigging combo for the last year or so.  It’s a few years old and has had a speaker replacement so it now houses a 15 inch Wembley Loudspeaker ( This amp is a truly fantastic piece of kit, the best live sound I’ve ever had. It really cuts through the band and has tremendous presence and quality.  I’ll be sad to see it go, but it’s physically too heavy for me and that’s the only reason I’m putting it up for sale.

The rear panel of the vinyl covering has been cut away by the previous owner when the speaker was replaced, leaving bare wood.  This is not all that bad as it can’t be seen in a gig situation.  I still have the panel if the buyer wants to stick it back on again.  £250

If anyone out there is interested in any of these amps, please do get in touch and let’s deal. Also, if you could repost this blog anywhere I would be grateful