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April 2014

We’ve got quite a small garden at our house, most of it is paved or decked, but I also have three raised beds with shrubs and herbs. We love to spend time in our garden when the weather allows and we’ve got lots of plants in pots, baskets and containers. It’s not exactly Longmeadow, but we love it.

The winter was a bit harsh this year, no snow but exceptionally high wind and rain levels.  We were very fortunate in our part of the country, we suffered hardly any damage, whereas many people around the UK found their homes, towns and villages flooded out.

Now that the weather seems to have sorted itself out it was time to tackle the garden, My wife and I teamed up with my auntie and decided to spend the day putting everything in order.

It now looks really beautiful and we are looking forward to spending the summer evenings sitting out there and putting the world to rights.  Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy. Come over and visit if you like, the kettle is always on.

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Railway themed beers from Box Steam Brewery

Spotted at the National Trust gift shop at Dyrham Park today. Three epic Railway beers. Nice one Box Steam Brewery!


Return to Dyrham Park

P1000161Now that the weather seems to have sorted itself out me and Mrs L can get back to our favourite pastime of wandering aimlessly around National Trust properties, so today we spent a pleasant few hours at Dyrham Park in Bath.

It’s a lovely old house in a beautiful setting, surrounded by parkland which is inhabited by deer, you may get a good view of these beautiful creatures if you are patient, but we weren’t today, so we just saw them from a distance, but at least they were there, and so were we.

The gardens were looking absolutely beautiful today, filled with fantastic daffodils and tulips, some lovely hellebores and euphorbia and a stunning variety of colours, shapes and sizes.  Here’s a few pics, can somebody tell me what that little purple bell shaped flower is please?


Angelica and a few other plants from this year’s garden

Last spring I bought a small plant from the herb section of the local garden centre.  It was about three inches tall and cost a pound, I’d never grown to before so I popped it in the herb bed and waited to see what would happen.

It’s called Angelica…

By the end of last summer it had grown to around four feet tall and had a really wide spread, it pretty much domineered the bed and a few other plants suffered as a result, but it was a stunning plant.  At the end of the season I gave it a right good chop back and left if be over the winter.

It’s now mid-april and it has grown into a monster!  It’s about seven feet tall already and spreading rapidly.

I’m going to have to have another chop at it, but before I do here’s what it looks like today.


You can also see how next door’s fence was demolished in the recent storms, but here in South Wales we got off lightly compared to Somerset and the Thames Valley.

Here’s a few more pics from the garden taken today, needs a bit of tidying up but I think it’s going to be a very pretty season.

P1000154 P1000155 P1000156 P1000157 P1000158 P1000159 P1000160

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