We’ve got quite a small garden at our house, most of it is paved or decked, but I also have three raised beds with shrubs and herbs. We love to spend time in our garden when the weather allows and we’ve got lots of plants in pots, baskets and containers. It’s not exactly Longmeadow, but we love it.

The winter was a bit harsh this year, no snow but exceptionally high wind and rain levels.  We were very fortunate in our part of the country, we suffered hardly any damage, whereas many people around the UK found their homes, towns and villages flooded out.

Now that the weather seems to have sorted itself out it was time to tackle the garden, My wife and I teamed up with my auntie and decided to spend the day putting everything in order.

It now looks really beautiful and we are looking forward to spending the summer evenings sitting out there and putting the world to rights.  Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy. Come over and visit if you like, the kettle is always on.

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