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May 2014

First studio day for new blues album

coverWe started work on the third Tim Crahart Blues Band album today, at Red Rock Studios, near Pengam.  I had intended to tweet throughout the day with progress reports, but the lack of serviceable wifi in the valleys put the mockers on that one, so instead here’s a short blog about the tracks that will be on the album and how we got on today.

As with our two previous albums, “No Drinkin’, No Cheatin’, No Shootin’” and “Isaiah 61 Revisited, we prepared and rehearsed the new material thoroughly, so that we can progress things very quickly once we are in the studio and keep to as much of a live feel as is practical.  The new album will be titled “Blues Like A Prayer” and brings together our usual mix of original compositions and classic gospel blues given a fresh feel.

There are eleven band tracks on this album and a couple of solo tracks from Tim too.  Today booklet-coverin the studio we put all the drum tracks down for the whole album and a fair chunk of the bass tracks too.  We’ll be going back tomorrow so I can finish off the bass work and we can start on the guitar tracks.  We’ll have the whole album finished and up for sale very quickly.

Some of the original tracks, that you may have already heard us play live, include;

“Good Woman Blues”, a cool swing blues, I wrote the lyrics for this one, based on Proverbs ch. 31.

“Lady Gets The Blues”, our tribute to the style of the late great Gary Moore

“God Meant It For Good”, a chunky, Hendrix-style rocker, it tells the story of Joseph, but this ain’t no technicolor dream coat!

“Blues Like A Prayer”, the title track, a no holds barred gospel wail.

These are interwoven with familiar classics like;

blindwilliejohnson“Soul Of A Man” from our favourite gospel artist, Blind Willie Johnson, this classic has been covered by heaps of artists; Eric Burdon, Bruce Cockburn, Maria Muldaur and most recently Tom Jones. Now it’s our turn.

“Motherless Children”, you’re probably familiar with Clapton’s funky workout of this track from the “461 Ocean Boulevard” album. We thought it need a more soulful approach and yes, it’s another Blind Willie Johnson tune.

“Jesus On The Mainline”, the origins of this song are lost, but the earliest recording was by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Ry Cooder recorded a famous version and the song also featured in “Blues Brothers 2000”.

Mississippi_Fred_McDowellI’ll post another blog at the end of tomorrow’s session to keep you up to date with progress, watch this space for the release date soon.


A few garden shots

Here’s a couple of shots taken in the garden this weekend, it’s going to be a beautiful chill-out zone this year. I think I’ve got the names right, I’m not very good at identifying plants, I just like to grow them.


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