calogoEvery year at the little church I go to here in Newport we take part in Christian Aid Week. About eight years ago I took on the role of co-ordinating and managing the week and every year I am stunned by the passion and enthusiasm which people show for the work that Christian Aid does around the world.

Christian Aid is our favourite charity.  If you are not familiar with their work here’s an excellent page that breaks down their core values and aims. 

We are happy to be one of the 20,000 churches around the UK and Ireland that helped to raise around £12-13 million each year, a vital chunk of Christian Aid’s budget which goes directly towards development, relief, sanitation, water supply and many other vital worldwide projects.

We’re just a small church and I’m not writing this to be in any way boastful about what we did, but I want to say a personal thanks to those who organised the events or raised funds this year, so:


Thanks Peter, for organising a concert with your music students.resized_jesus-says-meme-generator-jesus-says-you-rock-1d9c29

Thanks Nick for growing and selling plants from seed.

Thanks James for helping me to organise the quiz.

Thanks Debbie for the gorgeous cakes.

Thanks Anne, for organising the little ones to do a sponsored toddle (genius!) and a sponsored silence (miraculous!)

Thanks Carol for holding a raffle at your pub

Thanks knitters, for knitting and selling blankets

Thanks everyone for your generous gifts.

This year, 2014, we have managed to raise almost £1200.

Well done St Julians Baptist Church, you make me proud, even if you drive me bonkers for most of the rest of the year!