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July 2014

The Crisis in South Sudan

 You may have caught one or two news reports in recent weeks covering the current problems that are facing the world’s youngest country, South Sudan.

The Disasters Emergency Committee have sounded an alarm, stating that they currently have less than half the money they need to help prevent the growing food crisis in South Sudan turning into a catastrophe.

South Sudan came into existence as an independent state in 2011. As a country they face crippling poverty and a fragile harvests. The current food insecurity stems from the conflicts that have been ongoing since last December between factions of the ruling party. The resulting violence and bloodshed has displaced many farmers, making planting and harvesting impossible. Over one and a half million people have been displaced and a high percentage of these have fled to neighbouring countries.

International food crisis experts working together as IPC Partners have said that if the conflict in South Sudan continues, and more aid cannot be delivered, then by August it is likely that some localised areas of South Sudan will slip into famine.

Up to four million people could face emergency food shortages unless there is a dramatic increase in international assistance.

The D.E.C. is co-ordinating a major relief effort from the U.K. and all of it’s thirteen member agencies are involved, these include Age International, British Red Cross, CAFOD, CARE International, Concern, Oxfam and Save the Children.

At St. Julians Baptist Church we decided that we wanted to be a part of this relief effort, so we recently held a special collection to send to the D.E.C. member agencies. We may only raise a small amount, but small gifts mount up.

If you want some more information, or want to give something yourself, you can go to the D.E.C. blog page, here. The Guardian recently published this report.

Below is a youtube report from the area, showing some of the work that World Vision (one of the D.E.C. member agencies) are carrying out in the area.


A new mailing list for the band

Please sign up to the new mailing list for the Tim Crahart Blues Band

Tim Crahart Blues Band

At last I’ve managed to set up some sort of mailing list for the band!

Please subscribe so that we can stay in touch. We promise not to spam you ten times a day, but we might drop you a line if we’ve got some gigs coming up, or to tell you about our wonderful new album ‘Blues Like A Prayer’ and other interesting stuff like that.

You can find a link to the mailing list subscription form on the ‘Contacts’ page, here on the band site.  Or you can just click this link. 


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