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March 2015

Poster for the Election Hustings in Newport East

Please download and share this poster for the Newport Election Hustings. Stick it in your window, shop or workplace. Come along and meet the candidates.

Click the link to go to the poster.


hustings poster


An appeal for the album as a work of art

Those of you who are of a similar age to myself, i.e. you remember when there was no Internet and you had to talk to actual people, will likely have fond memories of saving up your pennies to go to the record shop and buy an album.

Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_IIIyessongs_us_uchiIn those days albums came on vinyl or cassette, or even 8-track cartridge. We relished the album as a piece of art, the gatefold sleeve of vinyl was often taken beyond it’s standard form and became something to explore whilst listening to the music. Take “Led Zeppelin III” for example, with it’s revolving insert or “Yessongs’ which stretched to a full four feet.

Most importantly thought the album was something that you listened to in it’s entirety. You put the needle in the groove at the beginning of side 1 and listened to all of it, then you flipped it and did the same with side 2 (and 3 and 4 quite often). You made the time to listen to the music and let it sink in, you stopped what you were doing and gave your time to the music and because of that you appreciated it all the more.

dark sideYou could not, for instance, just dip into ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, play one track and then randomly skip to something else, it has to be all or nothing.

Downloads, shuffles, random plays, streaming, YouTube, Spotify. All these guys have done their best to destroy the album as a work of art, but for many of us it’s importance is still right up there. Now that vinyl is making a strong comeback (for some inexplicable reason) I want to make an appeal to readers to revisit the album and appreciate its value as an entire work.

This evening, stop what you are doing, switch the telly off, put your computer, tablet and phone to one side, get a nice cuppa or a bottle of beer, sit in front of the fire with your slippers on and your feet up, dig out one of your favourite albums and just listen to the whole thing, let it soak in, let it envelop you in it’s beauty and creativity.

amfI try to listen to at least one whole album each day, a bit later on this evening I’ve got a real beauty lined up, “A Major Fancy” by John Lees of Barclay James Harvest. BJH have always been one of my passions so I’m looking forward to spending some time with this album.

I hope you find time to spend with some of your favourite albums too, let me know what you choose and how you get on.




Venue: St Julians Baptist Church, Beaufort Road, Newport, NP19 7PZ

Date and time of event: Friday 17th April, 2015; 7:30pm-9:00pm

owain A General Election Hustings event has been arranged for Newport East, with the intention of giving voters the opportunity to meet the candidates and put their questions to them. The event will be hosted by Owain Phillips, ITV Wales political reporter. The evening will be in a ‘Question Time’ format. At the close of the event the church will serve light refreshments and there will be an opportunity for informal chat.

Admission to this hustings event is free and spaces are unreserved. A similar event was held at the same venue for the previous general election and was extremely well supported. We will attempt to cover as wide a variety of topics as possible on the evening, from local topics, to national and international policies.

At the time of writing there are six candidates for Newport East, all of whom have been invited to take part. So far four of these have confirmed their attendance at the Hustings. The confirmed panelists are Jessica Morden (Labour), Natasha Asghar (Conservative), Paul Halliday (Lib Dem) and David McLean (Green Party). It is hoped that the other candidates will also be able to attend, as this is an important opportunity for them to put forward their position. Should any further candidates come forward they will also be invited.

davidhalliday.jpg-pwrt2Natasha-Asghar jessica

Hustings organiser Andy Long said, “we are really pleased to be able to offer the constituents of Newport East an opportunity to meet and question their potential future MP. In a time when voter turnouts are very low we want to encourage people to find out more about their candidates so that they can make an informed decision and hopefully use their right to vote”.


Contact details for organizer Andy Long:


Tel: 07801 883420


Twitter: @andylong



Railhouse Rock. A gig for CLIC (Children’s cancer charity)

Here’s a short announcement about a gig we’ve got next Friday

Tim Crahart Blues Band

322714_10150414360134664_569859663_10141660_2096903946_oA quick announcement about a gig in Cardiff:

Date: Friday March 6th
Venue: O’Neill’s, St Mary’s Street Cardiff
Admission: £5.00 (tickets on the door)

This is a very special gig that has been organised by a group of Railway Staff. All the bands playing include members of Railway staff. Our bass player, Andy works for First Great Western in Bristol as a driver trainer.

The proceeds will go to the children’s cancer charity CLIC.

As you can see from the line-up below there are a lot of bands playing and our slot is relatively early. We think this will be a fantastic night with some great music. Hope to see you there.

6.15 to 6.45 Tempest
6.55 to 7.25 Charlie’s Marbles
7.35 to 8.05 Tim Crahart Blues Band
8.15 to 8.45 Bandino’s
Charity Slot 8.45 to 9.05
9.05 to 9.35 Taylor Made
9.45 to 10.15 – 102’s
10.25 to 10.55…

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