For a long time now I have been planning a hustings for Newport East as we approach the general election in May.  I ran a similar event approaching the last general election and it was extremely well supported.

If you’re wondering, a ‘hustings’ is an organised event in which candidates address their constituents. In this case the candidates sit on a hosted panel in a similar format to the TV programme ‘Question Time.

There is now less than a week to go to the event that I’ve organised and I’m getting a lot of online support so I’m really hopeful that we will get another packed house.

The details for the event are:

Friday 17th April, 7:30 – 9:00pm

Venue: St Julians Baptist Church, Beaufort Road, Newport

Admission: free and unreserved (capacity around 200)

Followed by light refreshments and an opportunity for informal chat with candidates.

Our host for the evening is ITV Wales political reporter Owain Phillips

As you may know there are seven candidates for Newport East. All the candidates have been invited and all will be welcome. 

At the time of writing four of the candidates have confirmed that they will be there, these are:

Jessica Morden (Labour)

Natasha Asghar (Conservative)

Paul Halliday (Liberal Democrats)

David McLean (Green Party)

I have been chasing every avenue available to get the other candidates there, but so far I have not heard from Tony Salkeld (Plaid Cymru), David Stock (UKIP or Shangara Singh Bhatoe (Socialist Labour). I would love to get all candidates there so please get in touch guys.

I hope that some of you reading this out there will be able to attend and will bring some questions with you. I am not taking questions in advance this year so we will be having a couple of roaming mics on the night.

For more details please contact me at:

tel: 07801 883420