As you may already know I have organised a Hustings for Newport East, at St Julians Baptist Church, Beaufort Road on April 17th (7:30), which will feature several of the candidates in a question time format.

In the run up to the event on Friday I have decided to blog each day, presenting a profile of each of the candidates that will be at the event.  The profiles are taken direct from the candidates own websites and I present them here with no bias or preference, they are simply presented to give you a little more insight into each person.

So here is the fourth one, in no particular order. Check back tomorrow for another.

David McLean (Green Party
David McLean (Green Party

David Mclean

Green Party candidate for Newport East

 It’s time for Newport to get selfish. It’s time to put the interests of Newport and its people above the interests of multinational corporations and shareholders elsewhere in the world.

It’s time to rebuild a strong and sustainable Newport with a sustainable economy supporting sustainable jobs.

Newport is a fabulous city, with wonderful people and a rich industrial and cultural heritage. However, the city has been mismanaged and let down by successive councils, governments and politicians, and continues to be let down by those who should be serving us better.

As a result, Newport now has one of the lowest levels of private sector business growth and private sector jobs growth in the UK, and one of the highest levels of Job Seekers’ Allowance claimants. Yet local private sector business is the key to a healthy future for Newport. It provides good jobs, genuine career prospects, and profits that remains in the city. But instead of giving our local business community priority and support, the city’s future is being handed over to multinational corporations that increasingly take wealth out of the city, give little value in return, and show no loyalty to the city or its people when times get tough.

Worrying issues such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), tax dodging, and creeping privatisation of essential services will hit Newport hardest. We need to stand firm against these things.

Newport CAN rise again. The rich gene of engineering, innovation and excellence that can be found here can be put to good use to once again make us a city where we develop and make products and services that we can sell to the rest of the world. But to do that we need to embrace and nurture innovation.

Sadly instead, Newport is being transformed into a city many of us no longer recognise. On the one hand it is becoming a commuter city for those fortunate enough to find good jobs elsewhere because there are not enough here. And on the other hand we are becoming a city where too many people are facing a future of zero-hour, minimum wage jobs with no clear career path open to them, where they don’t feel motivated or valued, and where the inevitable march of automation threatens their livelihoods.

Our young people are having the dream of further and higher education taken from them, and with it goes any possibility that they can build strong careers and a bright future. Older people are also having the choice of higher education taken away from them. I returned to university at the age of 30 and changed my life for the better. Could I do that today? No I couldn’t, because of the politicians that are moving education and training out of the reach of so many people.

So it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’. We need a city fit for the 21st Century, where our own businesses and people can prosper. But to achieve that we need to wrestle the city from the hands of politicians who refuse to recognise how the world is today, and refuse to embrace the opportunities that are open to us. They have given up the ghost and are handing over the city to corporations that do not have our interests at heart, and who see us only as a resource to be exploited.

It’s time for us to stand firm and to take the all-important steps to deliver a just and positive future for the sake of our children, where they can be what they want to be in a city that can sustain them, their families, and their ambitions. It’s time to stand firm against the creeping privatisation of the NHS and other services we all rely on. It’s time to stand firm for fairness and equality. It’s time to stand first against a misguided idea of ‘austerity’ that punishes the poor while rewarding the rich. It’s time to stand firm against the destruction of our proud history and heritage.

If elected as Member of Parliament for Newport East I pledge to work to stand firm in defending Newport from the policies that will further damage our city and its people. I will work to influence local government to give more support to our own business community. And I will work to halt the bad planning and lack of integration that is turning our city into one big traffic jam.

I believe I have the vision and the drive to help Newport take advantage of the 21st Century. We’re already 15 years in, we need to make the change now! We can do it!


David Mclean is a PR consultant and is married with two children. He moved from Cwmcarn to Newport in 1982 and worked in the South Wales steel industry throughout the 80s and into the mid-90s, when he then embarked on a degree course at the University of Wales College Newport, gaining a First Class Batchelor of Arts degree.

Over the course of 19 years as a journalist and then a PR consultant, David has gained considerable knowledge and experience in engineering and manufacturing, sustainable technologies, IT and telecoms, sustainable infrastructure, and retail and distribution.

David is a passionate Newportonian and is proud to be bringing up his family in the city.

David Mclean

Wales Green Party


The hustings is a free event, for more information please contact me:

Andy Long

tel:07801 883420