Last night’s election hustings for Newport East was a great success. We drew a crowd of around 120 people and the evening saw some lively debate around a variety of topics.

My thanks to Owain Phillips from ITV Wales for hosting the event, it would not have been the same without his help.

The panel consisted of Natasha Asghar (Conservative), Jessica Morden (Labour), Paul Halliday (Lib Dem), David McLean (Green) and a latecomer David Stock (UKIP)

the evening was kicked off with a question about MP’s expenses and from there we discussed alternative voting systems, coalitions and welfare before moving on to a local issue concerning TATA steel workers pensions. After that we discussed help for the self-employed and small businesses and the importance of the family unit.

The final question came from 14 year old local resident Mason, who wanted to ask UKIP why they demonise immigrants. A chorus of mixed cheers and boos ensued, leading to the most animated part of the evening.

Overall it was a great success and I hope that the attendees found the evening useful.

You can read a live report from the South Wales Argus here