For the last couple of months I’ve been suffering with extreme pain in my right shoulder. Some x-rays and tests led to a diagnosis of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis. This is a condition caused by the thickening and inflammation of the capsule tissue surrounding the shoulder joint. It is extraordinarily painful and debilitating, especially at night.

Frozen Shoulder

I’ve seen several doctors for advice, but it seems that there is no really effective treatment, it just gets better over time, but can take up to two years to recover.

I’m taking a variety of painkillers and I even had a steroid injection. That was stupidly painful and hasn’t really helped. I’m trying to exercise it every day but it’s hard work.

In terms of playing bass it’s having some quite negative effects. I am unable to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea with my right arm, so Tim and Harvey have had to help me out a lot in loading and unloading equipment.

Thankfully I switched my cabs out to those lovely lightweight Edens a while back, which helps.  I’m having to play sitting on a stool most of the time (like a proper old fart), but even then it’s difficult to lift the bass off the stand and onto my lap. Once it’s there I can play OK (well, about as good as normal anyway).

For short sets I can stand to play, I’ve lengthened my strap a bit to try and ease strain on the shoulder.

Any other bass players out there had similar problems, any advice welcome.