Do with this whatever you like, it’s just an idea

We often see homeless people in and around the streets of our town, and pretty much anywhere we go in the country.  We’re always reluctant to give them money when we don’t know the back story and there isn’t always time to get to know them, but we like to help them out with some food when possible, so that at least for that day they have had something to eat.

Recently we were in a well known bakery chain, buying a coffee and snack for a guy for breakfast. We noticed that this particular bakery chain sells plastic gift cards that you can preload with some money.

*light bulb moment*

Bought one for a fiver, gave it to the bloke, now he’s fed for the day.

We’re not naive enough to believe that this solved all his problems and we are involved in other ways of helping the homeless, such as a local night shelter. But for this one bloke, on this one day, for an affordable amount, we made a small difference.


I went back to the well known bakery chain and bought four of them. We’ve now got two each in  our wallet/purse. Prepared for the next such occassion. In fact I gave another one away today.

We’re only writing this to suggest it as an idea, not for any praise (or criticism), it’s not a perfect idea by any means, just a random act of kindness.

Matthew 25:40