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May 2017


A couple of macro shots of the Peonies that have bloomed in my garden this week

Welsh Word of the Day

I found this on @BBCWales Twitter feed and found it interesting

Christian Aid Week fundraising

As always I am organising a series of events for Christian Aid week at our local church St Julians Baptist in Newport.  Each year we manage to raise a pretty good sum for the charity and it has long been one of our favourite projects.

This year you can help us out by going to this just giving page and donating to our sponsored walk around Llandegfedd Reservoir.

This year Christian Aid week focuses on the plight of refugees around the world. Please visit the Christian Aid site for some more information

Any gifts given through this Just Giving Page will go direct to Christian Aid, but we will get a running total so we can add that to the amount that we raise by other means.

Give at:


Macro shots in the garden

I enjoy taking photographs in my garden, I’m not an expert photographer, or gardener for that matter, but I took a few macro shots today, enjoy.

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