I Love Bass Guitars!

In the past thirty years I’ve changed my basses more times than I’ve changed my socks.  In more recent years I’ve settled down a bit and will probably opt to stick with this current line-up, these are all great basses to play, some are cheap, some not so cheap, but each has it’s own merits:

Status Graphite S2 Classic six-string – Bought new in 2005, this bass helped me to transform my playing style and to start recording solo bass material.  It’s my first choice for any gig.  The graphite necks give Status basses a unique bright tone with astonishing sustain.  If you want to hear this bass head to the MP3s page and download some music from Bandcamp.  This is the bass I used on the Tim Crahart Blues Band album and it’s featured on most of the solo bass stuff.  This picture is a few years old, the bass still looks lovely, but I’ve got more grey hair.


redfrontFender Precision USA five string – Bought second hand from Bass Direct in 2014, this 2012 model has all the classic precision thunder with the added bonus of the low ‘B’ string.  It previously belonged to a friend of mine, Matt Cohen from The Reasoning. I was looking for a Fender and had out my Status Streamline up for sale, so this came along at just the right time. This bass complements the Status very well and gives me another great tool in the box, it suits the blues band perfectly.


Squier Jazz, Korean, 1995, customised – Originally one of the Cort built Korean Squiers, I got this second hand as a swop in 1998. It had been professionally resprayed with a black metal flake finish and it’s original pickups had been replaced with Fender USA versions, after the owner had taken them out of his Fender Jazz in favour of some custom jobs.  I gave it a mirror scratch plate for that Phil Lynott look.  This is the bass I used on the 3d Day Rising album ‘Spiral’ in 1999.  After a while I sold it to my nephew, he later sold it to a friend and I recently bought it back. I’ve now added the jumbo Fender bridge cover and Fender neck plate as well as A Fender logo on the headstock (thanks ebay).  Finally I strung it with flats for a more woody tone.

Ozark Acoustic – Mrs Long bought me this as a gift for my fortieth. A lovely bass for picking up and playing at home, but unlike a lot of acoustic basses it has a really nice live tone. I use this for acoustic gigs with Tim Crahart.  The bass is a gorgeous blue colour, this photo has been ratified by my photographer friend.

There are a couple of other basses lying around the house, but nothing that gets used at the moment, I’m not promising anything though…

Markbass Little Mark II and 2x Eden EX112 cabs

ampThis year I decided that I am an old man and I needed to go for a lightweight but powerful bass rig.  A friend was selling this stunning Markbass head and I had explored a lot of different options for lightweight cabs.  I tried out the Edens at Neath Music and was really impressed.  This ring gives me an incredible clarity and punch and is easily powerful enough to cope with any gig that I play.  I often play small pub or church gigs and use just one of the cabs, which gives me an impressive 300 watts RMS, with both cabs in the pile I’m getting 500 watts RMS.