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New Music ‘acquired’ September 2019

This month I decided to try an experiment, I would not buy any new music for a month. A real challenge for me as I usually buy about 200 albums a year. My Twitter friends didn’t think I could do it, well, I almost did…

Talking Heads Stop Making SenseIt’s nearly the end of the month and so far I’ve only bought one CD; the excellent Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads. My Twitter fried @dancing_monk told me that my music collection was pointless without it so I caved in.

On the other hand I have picked up a few new titles to explore this month via bandcamp subscriptions and free downloads, so I’ve got some stuff to explore, here’s a breakdown of new additions. If you want to know what I think of them come and follow me on Twitter (@andylong), but please do take the time to listen to some of them if you can

Steve Lawson: The Arctic Is Burning 

Steve Lawson: How/Why? – Live @ Belfast Guitar Festival

DXIII: When The Mind Slips

Calamateur: Sergeant Howie’s Holy Stamina Test

Andy Edwards: October Moon

Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Ombient: Live At The Gatherings 2019

Oddsfiche: Kops Records Ottawa






Music bought in 2017

This year I kept a log of all the music that I bought during the year. Initially I was recording how much it cost too, but that got a bit worrying so I decided to ignore that bit.

In 2017 I bought over 200 albums, mostly on CD format (some downloads). If that seems a lot, (if…ha!), Many of them were charity shop or Ebay bargains (but some weren’t.

A few of my Twitter friends have put out lists of their top albums of 2017, trouble is most of my purchases are not new music, I have been diligently plugging gaps in the classic Prog Rock collection, which now looks a lot healthier (and nerdier).

I dod get a handful of new albums too, so here is a selection of some of my favourites from 2017, some new, some not so new.

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Music Page

Morning all

I did a quick rebuild of my music page, just sorting it out and organising it really.

Hit the Music link and you will find all the Tim Crahart Blues Band stuff, solo bass bits and bobs and the archived 3rd Day Rising recordings.

You can get them all from the Bandcamp page either for free or Pay What You Want. Also available on iTunes, Amazon etc.



‘Blues Like A Prayer’ is now a Pay What You Want download

Grab yourself some great gospel blues  pay whatever you like (or don’t pay anything!)

We released our latest album, ‘Blues Like A Prayer‘ in October last year. We’re really proud of this album and now that it’s been out for a while we’d like to get it out to a wider audience.

So, as of today, the download of the album from Bandcamp goes to ‘Pay What You Want’, the same fantastic deal as our earlier albums.

cd cover_000001Hit the Bandcamp link and get yourself a copy, or ten copies if you like!

Please pass this newsletter to anyone you think would be interested, we want to get the music out there.

Of course, if you do want to slip us a couple of quid we will happily tuck that away underneath Tim’s mattress.

For all those of you who paid a fiver for the download in it’s early days, we thank you and hope you don’t feel ripped off.

A few Autumn gigs coming up, watch for another newsletter soon.


contact Tim at


Thanks guys, see you soon.


Tim, Harvey and Andy.

Latest Band Newsletter

If you’d like to read the latest newsletter from the Tim Crahart Blues Band. Click Here.

You will find details of a forthcoming radio special, how to get the band albums, including the new one ‘Blues Like A Prayer’, from Amazon, iTunes or Bandcamp, and news of a local gig.

If you’d like to join the band’s mailing list click here:

cd cover_000001

new blues album out today

New Tim Crahart Blues Band album launched at Bandcamp today

The new release from the Tim Crahart Blues Band is here at last! We are launching the album today via the Bandcamp website. It’s available in CD format and in high quality download in the format of your choice. In fact if you order the CD you automatically get the download too.

The price of the album is £5. We really hope that you enjoy this album, please pass this news on to any friends that you think might be interested.

Buy the album now!

Here are Tim’s liner notes, to give you a taste of what to expect:

Some songs you write; some songs you’re given. ‘Blues Like a Prayer’ is a song that came to me at a time when I needed a miracle and I feel it was a gift from God. The lyrics and melody came first and only afterwards did I realise I’d written a song in waltz time with a minor V chord in the chorus – very unlike me. As soon as it was finished I knew it would be the title track. I also knew it would be fantastic to have a Gospel choir singing on it and, thanks to our friends at God’s House International Centre in Bristol, that became a reality.

As with the first two CDs, this is once again a mixture of originals and re-packaged traditional Gospel Blues songs. We have ‘Jesus on the Mainline’, Blind Willie Johnson’s ‘Soul of a Man’ and ‘Motherless Children’ and a mash-up of Rev Gary Davis’ ‘Great Change’ and ‘Steppin’ Out’, as famously covered by Eric Clapton & John Mayall on the Beano album.

The originals include ‘God Meant it For Good’ a retelling of the story of Joseph complete with a Wah-Wah drenched riff, and the swinging ‘Good Woman Blues’ with lyrics from Andy, by way of Proverbs 31. ‘When You Fall’ and ‘Squeaky Clean’ were two songs I’d written some time ago and forgotten about. Fortunately, I rediscovered them in time to make it onto the CD. Finally, the Gary Moore influenced ‘Lady Gets the Blues’ is for Deb, my wife and my inspiration. ENJOY!

  1. God Meant It For Goodcd cover_000001
  2. Good Woman Blues
  3. Lady Gets The Blues
  4. Jesus On The Mainline
  5. That Day Is Gonna Come
  6. Great Change/Steppin’ Out
  7. When You Fall
  8. My Life, My Love, My Lord
  9. Squeaky Clean
  10. Motherless Children
  11. Washed In The Blood
  12. Soul Of A Man
  13. Blues Like A Prayer


First studio day for new blues album

coverWe started work on the third Tim Crahart Blues Band album today, at Red Rock Studios, near Pengam.  I had intended to tweet throughout the day with progress reports, but the lack of serviceable wifi in the valleys put the mockers on that one, so instead here’s a short blog about the tracks that will be on the album and how we got on today.

As with our two previous albums, “No Drinkin’, No Cheatin’, No Shootin’” and “Isaiah 61 Revisited, we prepared and rehearsed the new material thoroughly, so that we can progress things very quickly once we are in the studio and keep to as much of a live feel as is practical.  The new album will be titled “Blues Like A Prayer” and brings together our usual mix of original compositions and classic gospel blues given a fresh feel.

There are eleven band tracks on this album and a couple of solo tracks from Tim too.  Today booklet-coverin the studio we put all the drum tracks down for the whole album and a fair chunk of the bass tracks too.  We’ll be going back tomorrow so I can finish off the bass work and we can start on the guitar tracks.  We’ll have the whole album finished and up for sale very quickly.

Some of the original tracks, that you may have already heard us play live, include;

“Good Woman Blues”, a cool swing blues, I wrote the lyrics for this one, based on Proverbs ch. 31.

“Lady Gets The Blues”, our tribute to the style of the late great Gary Moore

“God Meant It For Good”, a chunky, Hendrix-style rocker, it tells the story of Joseph, but this ain’t no technicolor dream coat!

“Blues Like A Prayer”, the title track, a no holds barred gospel wail.

These are interwoven with familiar classics like;

blindwilliejohnson“Soul Of A Man” from our favourite gospel artist, Blind Willie Johnson, this classic has been covered by heaps of artists; Eric Burdon, Bruce Cockburn, Maria Muldaur and most recently Tom Jones. Now it’s our turn.

“Motherless Children”, you’re probably familiar with Clapton’s funky workout of this track from the “461 Ocean Boulevard” album. We thought it need a more soulful approach and yes, it’s another Blind Willie Johnson tune.

“Jesus On The Mainline”, the origins of this song are lost, but the earliest recording was by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Ry Cooder recorded a famous version and the song also featured in “Blues Brothers 2000”.

Mississippi_Fred_McDowellI’ll post another blog at the end of tomorrow’s session to keep you up to date with progress, watch this space for the release date soon.


Christmas single relaunched!

Last Christmas, we gave you a song, and the very next day, you could give it away!

This year, to save you from tears, we’re giving the same one away again!

In other words…

The Tim Crahart Blues Band‘s 2012 Christmas single is being relaunched this year.  We loved it so much we wanted to give you all a chance to go back and grab it in time for this year’s festive season.

Last year we gave it away as a free download and this year, guess what, it’s FREE! (it’s always been free, but downloads tended to drop off during the summer!

The song, ‘Christmas Day’, is an original track, written by Tim on 2o12. We recorded it at Red Rock Studios in the South Wales Valleys and had great fun. Tim and Harvey’s kids got involved too and we threw some bells at it too.

Please do grab yourself a download and if you can share this post with your friends, maybe they’ll download it too.  We’re not trying to compete with X-Factor or AC/DC, we just want to share what we think is a great song, hope you love it!

Download the song here

Andy Long - Christmas Day - cover

Downloads now available on iTunes and Amazon

Thanks to a fantastic arrangement with an online music company called Doxmedia, run by the fabulous Keith Dixon, both of the Tim Crahart Blues Band albums are now available to purchase as downloads from the iTunes and Amazon online stores.  Whilst we are not expecting to become millionaires through this enterprise (yet!) it is a great way for us to get our music out there to a wider audience.

Additionally my own solo bass album from 2011, “Patches Of Coloured Light” is available from these sites too.

All the albums are still available from the excellent ‘Bandcamp’ site too (and always will be).

To find the albums just go to the iTunes store or to, or and search there for “Tim Crahart Blues Band” or “Andy Long”.


If you have written a review of any of the albums (or would like to), it would be really helpful if you could post them at any or all of these stores.

Also if you can share this blog post with friends, that would be simply marvellous.

Thanks for reading my spam



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