Another very productive and tiring day at Red Rock Studios. Today we finished off all the bass tracks and got all the guitar parts down too, plus a couple of sneaky bits of piano.  Just the vocal tracks and a bit of tidying up to do before the album can go to mix. We don’t really go in for mucking about too much.

This album is going to bring together a real mix of styles, from solo acoustic tracks through classic blues and a few real blistering rockers too! We can’t wait to get it out there. 

One of the tracks is a bit of a mashup that we’ve been playing live recently.  We took the riff from “Steppin Out'” (Bluesbreakers/Memphis Slim) and threw in the lyrics of the traditional blues song “Great Change Since I Been Born”. It’s a fast and chunky rocker and Tim has put a real face melter of a solo on there.

Here’s a few blurry pics from the weekend. Watch this space for more details soon.