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Music bought in 2017

This year I kept a log of all the music that I bought during the year. Initially I was recording how much it cost too, but that got a bit worrying so I decided to ignore that bit.

In 2017 I bought over 200 albums, mostly on CD format (some downloads). If that seems a lot, (if…ha!), Many of them were charity shop or Ebay bargains (but some weren’t.

A few of my Twitter friends have put out lists of their top albums of 2017, trouble is most of my purchases are not new music, I have been diligently plugging gaps in the classic Prog Rock collection, which now looks a lot healthier (and nerdier).

I dod get a handful of new albums too, so here is a selection of some of my favourites from 2017, some new, some not so new.

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Deep Discussions Bass Event (Pics)

Spent a lovely afternoon in The Vault in Swansea for the Deep Discussions Bass Player gathering.  Some interesting gear to drool over, including

Radio Shop custom wound pickups, based in Bedwas

Pulse custom built valve amps, based in Bridgend (don’t seem to have a web presence)


Also a masterclass from my old mate, Steve Lawson.

Here’s a couple of pics from the day


The Pulse Bass Amps can be seen here, and if you’ve got really good eyesight, the Radio Shop pickups are on the table.

P1000143  P1000144

P1000149 P1000150 P1000152

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